10 definitions by Knowledgeable1!

A big chunk of weed thats covered with seeds.
Damn dude this quarter's a fucking watermellon patch
by Knowledgeable1! November 24, 2009
When you tell someone you just want a sip of there drink, but take more like a chug
A: bro let me get a sip of that

B: what the fuck! way to take a man sip asshole!
by Knowledgeable1! December 09, 2009
The most ridiculous movie in the world to watch high. No, not Clifford the big red dog. Clifford with Martin Short. You will laugh your ass off at this movie. If your attention wanders for a few minuted, some crazy shit will happen and pull you back in. Trust me.
A: Bro have you ever seen Clifford with Martin Short?

B: Na man is it good?

A: Bro get the bong out. Were watching Clifford
by Knowledgeable1! November 24, 2009

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