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A popular Steven Seagal porno which influenced some of his action movies.
Steven Seagal, a homicide detective, must go undercover and participate in these orgies where people end up dead afterwards to find out who's killin'
The first orgy takes place in LA and consists of guy/girl, girl/girl, and guy/guy fuckage. Steven sits in the background with a few fat guys and jacks off, shifting his focus to each group equally. In the background, bongo music is playing. Unfortunately, Steven Seagal drenches his eye with a gallon of his own semen and everyone dies.
Distressed, he goes to Tokyo, the other city where people are turning up dead after engaging in orgies. Randomly he leaves a 6 mile of his own diarrhea which made some old ladies slip.
Later, Steven Seagal goes to a massage parlor and fucks 30 Japanese girls at once. However, since this is a Steven Seagal porno, he does the usual stunt of killing them all by drowning them with his own semen and breaking their necks after fucking them. Since this is normal in Japan, Steven Seagal does not feel immoral for his actions, but disappointed that he hasn't solved the case yet.
Feeling bored, he strokes his hard ponytail in front of a Buddha statue and a whole slew of hair gel comes dripping out. It's been 20 minutes since his last diarrhea but he was feeling constipated so he thought that squinting at the sun would help.
Instead he blew out a huge fart which poisoned a school of Japanese boys.
plot continued:After this, Steven Seagal started hanging out with these black guys who gave him a lot of crack to smoke. For some reason, Steven Seagal thought he solved the case and celebrated his success at the local strip club where he got his ponytail sucked by all the Japanese bimbos but later karate chopped them all because he thought they were calling him gay.
Little did everyone know that it was Steven Seagal who was responsible for all these deaths at the orgy all along. . In the epilogue, he can be seen happily dancing in his leather speedo while heavy techno music is playing in the background, something that sounds like steven seagal porno music.

EX: I'm going to watch some Steven Seagal pornos this weekend., the guy where he jacks off in the background to all those orgies...is that Out for an Orgy?
by KnjazVovk666 October 07, 2010

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