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Former California State Police Officer who became Playboy magazine's "Miss November 1984" Playmate whose centerfold/pictorial is most remembered among Playboy subscribers for her big boobs and exotic good looks. She later starred in late-80s/early-90s sexploitation B-movies directed by Andy Sidaris and in the 1990 major motion picture THE ROOKIE alongside Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen.
I used to sneak peeks at my Uncle's Playboy collection whenever I visited his place back in the 80s and the one Playmate I'll never forget is Roberta Vasquez!
by KnightWrite June 29, 2011
Stage and Screen name of Francesa Natividad who was one of the most popular and iconic Burlesque/Exotic Dancers of the 1970s and early 1980s possessing huge breasts and shapely physique which got her "gratuitous nudity" scenes in 80s B-movies such as THE WILD LIFE, NIGHT PATROL and MY TUTOR. Once married to legendary Sexploitation-Film Director Russ Meyer and having starred in his films such as "UP!"
You see that chick Kitten Natividad in the eighties movie MY TUTOR?! "Man, they don't grow boobs like that these days!
by KnightWrite August 04, 2011
The Most Beautiful Woman on the face of the Earth Prior to 1984. Also known (back then) as a Perfect "10".
Man, are you old enough to have ever had a poster of Bo Derek on your wall? She was the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth back then!
by KnightWrite November 24, 2010
Personally-insecure male (usually Caucasian) between ages 19 and 29 who over-gels the top front of his short stringy hair, wears MMA attire or "rapper" fasions, tries in vain to talk in street-lingo and has a very tight leash on his girlfriend who hates him (she's often too young). He typically displays his insecurity when a real man comes around by chirping like an irritating little parakeet.
The Peckerwood-Jackass is also a semi-stalker because he will even snoop around his girlfriend's workplace to make sure she's not being hit on by other guys, though he lacks enough heart to confront the other men, he'll just take it out on her when she gets home.
Dana wore too much damn gel in his short hair and always made it a point to escort his 18-year old girlfriend everywhere she went, even while she's walking her dog and stalking her at her job because he was afraid of other guys hitting on her. He's a Peckerwood-Jackass!
by KnightWrite July 06, 2010
B-Movie Actress of the 1980's and early 1990's best known for her scantily-clad characters and gratuitous nudity, blending a tough persona and ass-kicking attitude with raw sex appeal. The 80's archetype of "tough and sexy", the kind of actress who'd fanboys bow down to and worship at her feet, even licking her boots to pay homage!
Ever see a movie with Sybil Danning in it? That chick filled out a bikini like a friggin' Amazon but I wouldn't get too close, she might cut ya balls off!
by KnightWrite December 08, 2010
Having sexual relations with the wife or girlfriend of another man who is in a better socio-economic status

than you. Having an affair with a woman who is

married to someone wealthy.
"Brother, if you get caught poaching the king's deer, you'll end up getting your ass kicked by his bodyguards, or worse!"
by KnightWrite March 14, 2013

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