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a school that is much larger than most high schools, but still finishes, for the most part, winless at the end of a season in every sport, with an exception of soccer (which no1 cares about ne way) so it is safe to say that south milwaukee is the most untalented high school in the state of wisconsin
their football team endud up with less than 3 wins, once again
by knight April 09, 2005
addicted to skeeting "cuming"
your mamma is skeetholic.
she skeets every 2 hours
by knight April 13, 2005
When you are done banging some chick you blow your wad on her face then wrap her face real fast with saran wrap. After you do this you punch her in the face.
I facemasked an ugly chick last night
by Knight December 13, 2004

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