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It is a describing word for someone who loves looks like they love the band tool, Is really skinny and wears
the pants with the crazy wide legs. They usually would smoke Newport 100's, and have hickies all over their neck. Chain wallets and super fat girlfriends that give you dirty looks, and they both would have really bad tattoos.
"dude, check out the slip knot coming our way". or
"I like Bobby, but he always hangs out with that slip knot kid" or
" you smoke cigarettes? That's so slip knot"
by Kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
When something is too plain for other definitive words. They or it
are neither one thing or another. Drab. Boring. Doesn't stick in your mind.
"he didn't do anything for me for my birthday...it was liike, totally john Doe".
"this soup is really john doe, you should add some salt and pepper at least.".
" I know you want me to buy a ford taurus, Mom, but they're just so john doe, ya know?

by Kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
a describing word for some one who looks like the kids who were responsible for columbine.
Dark mascara, black fingernails, face and body piercings, lots of necklaces, social outcasts,
angry and scary, hates everyone, takes part in "cutting", likes pentagrams, and worships satan.
"I'm not going through that line, that kid is looking at me all columbine".
"Every since Bobby started smoking crystal meth, he seems all columbine"
by kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
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