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An australian term to name someone, meaing they are just not a great guy. However, this is much more propper used when in a situation where your friend does something unfriend like. Bloke is australian for guy pretty much, in case you didnt know
Tim: Frase. you wanna come to my place this weekend?
Fraser: nah mate im going to practice my bowling technique
Tim: you are such a shit bloke frase

Example 2

Kizza: So why didnt goldsy come out last weekend?
sitchy: He had to go shopping with his new girlfriend
Kizza: What a shit bloke
by Kmac1331 March 10, 2009
Half way between a party and a gathering. If you have say 20 or so people its more than a gathering and less than a party, its a partathering.
Mate 1:Mate you goin to frasers uhh party/ gathering on tuesday? theres only like 20 people going.

Mate 2: hhmmm its more of a partathering, but yeah ill go just for shits and giggles i guess
by Kmac1331 April 04, 2009

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