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A Gangsta is somebody that thinks they can, take drugs, shoot people, and commit murders without a word being said to them. When actually, they have just have there own little messed up lives, living in the 'Ghetto' that they have to take it out on others. This is due to the factor that most wanting to be a Gangsta like the fact of being 'Hard.' Usually Gangsta's are black, but now-a-days white people have come to the conclusion, through rap music that they can be gangsta too.
The Word 'Gangsta' is just a lable for a clique, or a single person.

A so called Gangsta is symbolised by the clothing worn, music listened to and weapons carried or used. In most cases, hats, large gold chains and a 'Gangsta walk' is very impportant in a Gangsta status.
Words such as "Yo, Homie, Nigga, Bruva" are used in the "Ghetto." "I is proper Gangsta like." "Is it coz i is black!"
by Klowiiee December 30, 2007
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