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A timeline defined by the lifespans Internet memes and phenomena. Greatly accelerated compared to realtime due to the short duration of most memes.
Man, I remember when cat macros started. I'm pretty old in memetime.
by Kiwi 2.0 June 06, 2007
Acronym. "Borked out of box." Refers to an item or product, most usually something technological (e.g., flash drive, hard drive, etc.) that is broken/non-functional from the moment you open the box. Ergo, it is borked out of box.
"The goddamn thing is BOOB!"
"Uh, what?"
"It's a flash drive, man."
"No, dude--borked out of box! Shit's broken!"
"Ohhh okay."
by Kiwi 2.0 January 07, 2008

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