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Rather than "sh*t" you can say sheeet.
OH SHEEET! I just lost my math homework!
by Kiugo April 04, 2003
A drawn out form of the word "pimp."
Popular among mice and men. The lowest "krakka" and use it and the highest ranking "ghetto-masta" can use it.
I iz be Piz to tha Imp now, foo'.
by Kiugo April 01, 2003
A term used to describe when someone is lying. Often accompanied with a finger gun (first 2 fingers) and the thumb moving as though it was a trigger. Even though we all know that guns are set off by pulling the trigger with your trigger finger. Not clicking back the hammer with your thumb.
Ghetto Man 1: Yo, Dawg! I just got da new CD by Snoopy McPoopster. It is clean! I swur! You can't beat dis CD! It iz tiiight.

Ghetto Man 2: Boom.
by Kiugo April 01, 2003
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