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Night-time shenanigans that often include violence, theft, and/or rape.
It was 1 A.M. and my friends and I got nice and wasted in preparation for a bit of the ole Ultraviolet.
by Kittyburner506 June 13, 2010
When four men stand shoulder to shoulder, hold a woman so she is horizontal and facing them, and they all proceed to fuck her. One man gets head, one man titty fucks her, one man goes in the front, and the final man arches his penis into her ass. Two important rules of the Mount Rushmore are to hold her like a praying mantis so she is at cock level and the second is to portray a serious look on all of your faces.
My buddy Skeeter and I were just finishing porkin' Charlotte, Eiffel Tower style, in a port-o-john, when our friends Leeroy and Lucifer, feeling left out, knocked on the door and demanded some pussy. Feeling compassionate we exited the port-o-john, skulked behind some bushes, and proceeded to give Charlotte a Mount Rushmore. Damn, what a whore...
by Kittyburner506 June 18, 2010
Something one says, when it's all tied up, crunch time, or the final moments of a competition.

-It is said to rev one or one’s team up

-It is also said ironically to acknowledge that the individual, whom said it, is about to be cluster!@#$ed.
Steve: Ah crap, it’s 3-3 in Search and Destroy…

Ryan: Guns up, let's do this
Trevor: We’ve had 3 months to do this project, we haven’t started, and it’s due tomorrow…

Bradley: Alright, we got this on lock. Guns up, let's do this

7’ Tall Angry, Black Man on PSP: You DID NOT just say, what I think you said white boy…!

Grant: *soils himself* Oh geez…, well… Guns up, let's do this
by Kittyburner506 July 09, 2010
"That Chick" is essentially what a girl is referred to, when she is acting like "That Guy." Actions that merit being referred to as “That Chick” include, but are not limited to:

-Making a "cheap shot" joke directed at a friend

-Being a Female Guido

-Being the drunken chick at a party

-Being a female and acting in a general unnecessary manner that could be referred to as douchebaggary

*It’s important to note that if a female commits an action of asshole caliber, she is past the level of “That Chick.”

*Girls that break the asshole barrier are to simply be referred to as a cunt.
Ashley: *Kicks Grant in the nuts*

Grant: OMFG!

Trevor: Wow..., don't be that chick...
by Kittyburner506 June 24, 2010
A highly condescending manner to end a sentence, that essentially means: "You just got told, fuckhead."
Liz: *Listening to Justin Bieber*

Liz’s mom: Turn the fucking noise down!!! Why don’t you show gratefulness? After all, I gave birth to you; I tore my V to my A, because of you, I might add.

Dean: You just went 0-37 in Call of Duty…

Grant: So…?

Dean: I could get more kills than you, if I banged my dick on the controller I might add.

Jeff: Buy me lunch; I got you laid last week.

Stu: Go fuck yourself; she gave me an STD, genital warts I might add…
by Kittyburner506 July 06, 2010

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