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1 definition by Kitty McSilver

Heard most frequently in US Navy boot camp. Also used by those having just recently completed the aforementioned boot camp.

I. State of being "jacked" or "jacked-up". A word used to describe something that has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

II. A substitute term to describe something as "fucked-up", malfunctioning, or of extremely poor quality.

See also:
Soup Sandwich
"Look at you sorry-ass recruits, runnin' around lookin' like a soup sandwich! JACKNESS!"

"Did you hear Petty Officer call us a soup sandwich? That's JACKNESS, man."

"He had to do push-ups because he was wearing his JACKNESS boots, instead of the ones he had shined-up."
by Kitty McSilver March 26, 2007