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The name combination of Zuko and Aang, characters from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Not necessarily used romantically.

Avatard 1: OMG did you see the latest Avatar ep.? Zuko and Aang are bff now.
Avatard 2: Zukaang FTW!!

Avatard 2: I was reading an Avatar fan-fic the other day and Zuko and Aang hooked up. ><
Avatard 1: Zukaang FTW!!
by Kirby92 January 28, 2008
Means acknowledgement to what is sometimes, but not neccessarily always, something dumb/stupid.
(In between 'nice' (said quickly), meaning good, and 'niiiiiice' (stretched out), meaning something really good.)
In 'niice' the double 'ii' is stressed.
Person1: OMG, I just spilled water on my keyboard!!
Person2: Niice.

Person1: Dude! I just beat this one guy at pool and I've never played before!!
Person2: Niice.
by Kirby92 April 16, 2008
A phrase that is called out when you get up from your seat to make sure no one takes it.
Can also be used to make sure no one takes something while you're up.

Person1: *is getting up from the couch* I'm gonna go get a soda. Save place! And save place on the remote.
Person2: *sitting on floor* Dammit.
by Kirby92 March 17, 2008
When you're looking for specific information on a search engine site and you either a) type in keywords that are so vague, you're guaranteed not to find what you're looking for, or b) you type in something that could be misconstrued so something completely different come up (usually beause it was too vague.)
Person1: I need to look up information for my book report. "Search: Harry Potter."
Person2: Whoah, dude. That's a major suicide search. Try "Search: Harry Potter, chapters 1-5."

Person: I think my dog might be going blind. Let's see, "Search: Blind Dogs." ..."Dogs for the blind, Dogs helping the blind, Dogs leading the blind..." Oops. "Search: Symptoms for Dogs going blind." ...There we go. Stupid Suice Search...
by Kirby92 July 22, 2008
Someone who is constantly saving their progress in video games/word documents/paint or photoshop, etc., for fear of losing their work.
Since her computer had the tendency to spontaneously shut-down, Maria became a save-whore when she was writing her essay.

(Persons 1 & 2 are playing LOZ: Twilight Princess)
Person1: Ok, why do you keep saving every 3 minutes? It's getting annoying.
Person2: What? I don't want to lose my progress.
Person1: Stupid save-whore. >.<

by Kirby92 April 19, 2009

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