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Getting pwnd in an online game by an underestimated player (from the nick Mazzbunker)
Claw: dude check that noob wtf is he doing?! lets pwn his ass!

W3O: kk ill go first x3


W3O: :o

Claw: we just got totally bunkerd :/

W30 has left the game.

by KingsOfMe November 06, 2010
Pronounced pee-sung. When somebody wins a game of pool and the opponent still has four or moar balls on the table left to sink.

From the Afrikaans language, which is translated to banana in English.
Spectator: Dude this guy is gonna piesang you if you dont give your best!

John: bring it on!

*opponent sinks all his balls and the black*

John: :'(

Spectator: Piesang!
by KingsOfMe November 06, 2010
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