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2 definitions by KingofWomen

Whilst having vaginal sex with your woman, grab her by the weave whilst attempting to fist her anus. No lubrication is allowed, as lubrication will come from the blood she spills based on your efforts. When the hole seems big enough, release your weaving hand and insert that arm in the anus making it bigger still. When torn enough and you can feel the point-of-no-return, hastely pull out and jizz in the gaping hole, creating a torrent of blood and semen. Now, put from your nose to your chin inside the hole and whilst delivering sharp hooked punches to her hips, scream at the top of your lungs - 'RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!' -whilst she shits on your face. Then, when she's finished, proceed to stand up and beat the shit out of her.
Will fancied re-releasing the Kraken on Juliette 'cos she hadn't built his sandwich correctly.
by KingofWomen December 14, 2010
The cruelest, most sadistic thing that can be done on a man. Procedure involves fisting the man and pulling his internal reproductive system- including testes, urinary passage and prostate- out of his rectum, thus creating the impression of a red tail. You then make him gallop naked round the room neighing like a gay horse.
Will had cheated on Juliette and so agreed to let her Red Tail him to redeem himself.
by KingofWomen December 15, 2010