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1 definition by Kingisle

Wizard101 is a multiplayer, online adventure game designed to be safe and enjoyable for audiences of all ages. In this game, you have the ability to choose a wizard and its primary school of magic from this list: Myth, Ice, Fire, Death, Life, Balance, and Storm. Each school of magic has its own unique set of strengths. You can collect magic spells and summon creature cards from your chosen school of magic and cast them during duels against monsters and rival wizards. Wizard101 allows you to dress your character in a hat, robe and boots to personalize the gameplay. Shop for clothing items and hidden equipment items to boost your character's stats, including health and mana. In your quest to save Wizard City, you'll make friends, duel with creatures, solve puzzles, play minigames, and collect pets while exploring the many worlds of Wizard101.
Wizard101 has elements such as collectible card magic, hidden objects, tips and tricks, minigames, customizable characters, and virtual pets that compare with other online games such as Pokemon, Yugioh, RuneScape, and Maplestory. If you enjoy these other games and online worlds, we think you'll like Wizard101 as well. Check out the free play version of Wizard101!
Wizard101 is a game made by Kingisle Entertainment.
by Kingisle March 21, 2009