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A small, quiet, usually peaceful town in southern Maine. A portion is on the Piscatiqua River... Has great history, and many kind people living there. Even the 'busy' neighborhoods are nice and clean. It's the kind of place where everyone waves to each passerby, even if you dont know them. It has, like nothing going on, but it's in the middle of all the big surrounding cities.
I'm gonna go load my boat into the Piscatiqua at Dead Duck in Eliot, Maine. Wanna come and walk on the beach..?
by Kingfishahh(; December 22, 2010
What every kid thinks of another when a peer says hi in the halls. . . it's said WAY too much, and its stupid, because stalking is a serious issue, and its friggin scary as hell. So I've seen in the news & on TV shows.

Actually, it is when a male or female, of any age, becomes fixed on a certain person or group, usually an individual, though. They do anything associated with this person; buying items the victim owns, watching them/following them, attempting contact through technology (phones, internet, xbox, etc.), and many more ways. The stalker wants to know everything possible about the person, so they do their research. Once they really 'grow' on the person (getting used to looks & habits), when change is made, they either become hostile or move on to a different target. Stalking can take place in any environment, any age, and for a long period of time, or in opposite, a very short time. Not all cases of stalking have murderous or sexual purposes, most cases have no motive at all. Stereotypically, the stalker may be an ex-partner of the victim. Underage stalking has an even bigger punishment . ..
~Brother: Maddie, dude your such a stalker! Poor Justin Bieber...

-8 year old sister: Nuh uh! You liarrr!

~Brother: Must we review what happened after the concert three months ago? Yes, I believe we do; you hid in his bathroom, waited until he finished his CD signing. Then you popped out of the shower as he was dropping a shit? That wasn't cool...

-8 year old sister: I am not! He's just wicked hot, and I want to marry him, and I want him to take my virginity away!:D

~Brother: o.O
by Kingfishahh(; December 28, 2010
1. Something good to say when it's awkward. It usually only works if you're weird on a regular basis...

2. It can also be a way if letting out frustration.
1. Awkward-moment-maker: ...So, the weather these days...?
Weird person: Argle flargle?!?!
~*each start to hop up and down from the burst of energy*~

2. ARGLE FARGLE! I can't figure out this friggin shoelace! D:
by Kingfishahh(; December 28, 2010
An insult to an individual who acts semi-retarded.

A homo way of saying "You're a dumbass"
-HAHAHA! I just farted on the TV screen! XD
-You're a fagbag.
by Kingfishahh(; February 06, 2011

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