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A race of hobos that live within nature zones. Their daily diet is composed of marijuana, lsd, and munchies. They're minds are composed of liberal ideals, their bodies are usually covered with organic materials such as cotton, and they usually pack together to attack business firms when traveling to cities. Their transportation are usually economic vehicles, such as: horses, volkswagen vans, buses, or walking.
Hobos are homeless people that live in the city.

Hippies are hobos that live outside of the city in nature.
by kingdomkz July 30, 2008
The opposite comeback of "ur mom," which was a shitty comeback to begin with, so "ur dad" sucks just as bad if not worse.
Andy: I'm going to work tomorrow.
Kevin: Ur dad goes to work tomorrow.
Andy: Fuck off, that comeback sucks as bad as ur mom.
by kingdomkz July 10, 2008
An abbreviation for Key Cutter; someone who attacks people with keys.
Kevin: (Slingshots rocks nearby).
Katie: WTF?! (Picks up keys).
Kevin: Oh shit, (Katie attacks with keys).
Your a fucking KC.
by kingdomkz July 28, 2008
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