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To express uncertainty or ambiguity.
Yuhon: I'm hungry, do you want to order pizza?

Alan: YES and NO..

Yuhon: What does that mean?! Do you want pizza or not?!

Alan: YES and NO..
by KingRodriguez August 17, 2010
Don't Worry About It..
Krystle: Are you really an Abercrombie model from Hong Kong, Yuhon?

Yuhon: DWAI!

Krystle: What's DWAI?!

Ryan: DWAI..

Krystle: Kobe?

Yuhon: Why don't you ask Alan.

Krystle: Kuya Alan, what's DWAI?

Alan: DWAI!
by KingRodriguez August 17, 2010

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