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5 definitions by King of the Blumpkins

A word used between red heads to address each-other, sorta like how african americans use the "N" word but just between gingers instead.
Guy1: Gingy!, hows the familly??
Guy2: Horriable my gingy, they got shot for having red hair.
by King of the Blumpkins July 30, 2009
63 32
Same as Hit N' Quit, the act of having a sex with a girl and then leaving her and never talking to her again.
Guy1: Did you hook up with that girl last night?
Guy2: Yes, but I pulled a Nail N' Bail
by King of the Blumpkins July 30, 2009
8 1
This is a person who loves and is obsessed to be with and/or sleep with girls who have a Fupa
My friend picks up girls at the local buffet because he is a fupaholic!
by King of the Blumpkins August 03, 2009
6 1
1. The feeling of ultimate and complete happiness.
2. When your swagger reaches its maximum and you feel amazing.
3. To describe a thing that is completely AMAZING!
Guy1: Hows do you feel after that rough break up?
Guy2: Pretty shitty, but after hitting the club last night I feel pretty swaggeristical!
by King of the Blumpkins July 30, 2009
2 2
A versatile noun used for any word that you can think of... good or bad
Girl1: Did you hear about Stacy sleeping with that guy?
Girl2: No, she's such a Kneeder Knocker though!
by King of the Blumpkins July 30, 2009
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