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A dick magnifying four ton metal phallic symbol.
"Rick just bought that big hummer. Rumor has it he has a micro-penis."
by king of graphics January 12, 2007
A really sloppy, ripe, bacteria infested, hairy, huge vagina.
Man! I took one whiff of her tuna casserole and my penis did a "turtle."
by King of Graphics March 21, 2007
A long, heavy black hose made from a tarry rubber substance. A black man's penis is sometimes compared to a tar hose.
"My father wants to kill my boyfriend, but he can't keep his tar hose away from me."
by king of graphics January 12, 2007
A heavy drinking woman with a mom face but milf-like qualities such as a nice rack and a small ass. Can be surprisingly tight in the vagina. Will deny being a bar fly.
"I'm not some cheap bar fly you can use for street squish."
by king of graphics January 13, 2007
Small whisker like protrusions from the edges of a poorly electroplated article.
"Man, those beaners always have trees on their work."
by king of graphics January 13, 2007
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