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a hybrid combination of humpty dumpty and the devil that strangely looks like a demented version of "Beldar" from the movie, Coneheads. The "kinder man" was used as a mascot for the Ferrero candy company to advertise their "kinder surprise" eggs which were chocolate eggs containing small toys, that children apparently just have to eat (even though the labels on the eggs clearly say NOT to eat the plastic toys!!!!!) The "kinder man" was featured in a commercial in which he appears on a wall holding a kinder egg, shaking it, opening the egg, taking the toy out, eating the egg, and playing with the toy. the commercial ends with the kinder man falling off the wall that he was sitting on. During the course of the commercial, the Kinder man is speaking in a completely strange dialect that you couldnt possibly understand. The most notable piece of his strange dialect is when he opens the wrapper of the egg and shouts "CHOCODOOBY, DOUBLY CHOCODOOBY". The kinder egg man commercial (that was aired on a British childrens network) was soo disturbing to young children that it was banned from television. If only kids took his falling off the wall at the end of the commercial as suicide then they might have not been so scared of the kinder man
Bob: He man, guess what!
Steve: What...
Steve: Gahh! now im gonna have nightmares again!!! *gets out phonebook, searches for a new shrink*

Satan: The Kinder Egg Man scares the living $%!7 outta me.
by Kindahmann April 03, 2010

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