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When a person is really stressed out, gets drunk, and then continues to stress over everything even when they are totally trashed.
Dude got completely strashed last night after he lost his job. Now he can't afford his new apartment and has to move back in with his mom.
by KimC January 01, 2008

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A lot of the entrys for this are funny, but sad.

Seriously looking at rantlike definitions from certain people suggests the people you call "trendies" are complete scum or something. When they really aren't, the lads know how to go out and have a laugh around town without hurting ANYONE and the ladies are fun as well, and not slutty or whatever bitter crap you fling at them.

ok as you can tell I would consider myself part of this "group" myself, my dress seems to conform to a lot of the most thumbs up'ed entrys here, and yeah (I'm female by the way) I wear a lot of makeup and care about apearance and stuff but isn't looking nice a good thing?

Seriously you geeks (yes i will use that word) who bitch about us on the net (Ive searched on google and urbandictionary is not the only place) dont know what you're on about. Just because some guy probably pushed you around when you were 13 doesnt mean the popular streetwise-looking lads at uni and college are going to do the same. Ive seen a lot of trendies approach people who dress "alt" or whatever the term is with an actual interest in what music they like and shit, you know, being FRIENDLY.

And yes. We do listen to mainstream music, I listen to things like the Arctic Monkeys and other British indie stuff, its cool, but when did "mainstream" become a dirty word anyway? if you have literaly millions of people on your side listening to the same stuff how is that a bad thing? do you need to be "underground" to prove you have a personality or what? I've got no time for bitter geeks saying "dubious sexual morals" are bad things either, who the fuck are they to judge anyway? If in your late teens and early 20's you can't have fun in that way then when can you?

To me what you call "trendies" are just normal student people who just wanna have fun and be students. Ive been on the net enough times to know all about "furries" and anime obsession and all that weird shit, and I know what group i'm happy to be in.

Lighten up. Some of you should try talking to "us" or something. OR at the very least do this bitching to a trendies face and not online, cause I had no idea popular people who dressed smart-casual and knew how to have fun were dissed behind the cover of the net. It stinks of bitterness and past bullying from the school rugby lot to me but, whatev.

This definition is a reply back from our perspective.

Peace x
What must happen:

"alt" kid: Look there's some trendy, lets walk past him quietly and avoid eye contact then go on the internet and bitch about their clothes and shit where he can't argue back or express his view.
by KimC December 28, 2007

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