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A derogatory term for Pakistan. The term was invented in India, but is widely used nowadays (even by the Afghans!!!) to refer to Pakistan
Porkistan lost to Afghanistan 3-0.
by killerdove May 15, 2011
1) The undesirable aftermath of the failure of a condom (or any other contraceptive device). Notable results (condooms) are unwanted pregnancies and social stigma, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

2) An individual actually born as a result of a contraceptive failure or unprotected casual sex.

3) (slang) A pathetically undesirable/despicable individual.
1) Avoid a condoom - use a condom!

2) Research says there are more condooms in civilized society than in the shanty towns!

3) Get lost you pathetic condoom!
by killerdove July 01, 2011
Any software application, most commonly a video game, that tends to overwork the CPU and other resources, very often leading to a freeze.
Hey I can't run GT4, it's a real silicon burner
by killerdove June 16, 2011
A group of people from different households getting together to watch a TV show of their common interest. These groups would typically include working males that 'pool' a TV set to watch a cricket/baseball/rugby/etc. match while their wives are busy watching their soap operas at their homes.
Danny: Hey what time is the soccer coming at?
Leroy: 6:00 on ESPN
Danny: Hell! That's Dinah's Grey's Anatomy time....!
Leroy: Relax! I'll pool my TV in. TV Pooling at my place!!!!
Danny: You're a lifesaver, man. I'll get the beers!
by killerdove October 05, 2011
A metaphor that means to end a dispute, reach a treaty, or plainly speaking, make peace with an opponent. Draws from the Native American tradition of smoking the calumet as a sign of a treaty between warring chiefs.
I have never really seen eye to eye with Bob on budget allocations, but today we could smoke the peace pipe.
by killerdove November 20, 2011
A sharp retort that you make to anybody in your friend list who has been complaining about getting excessive spam/notifications/bulletins from you.
she: can't you make all these crappy mafia wars invites stop?? they are sooo getting on my head....

he: huh?

she: i'm soooooo totally pissed off

he: so block me!
by killerdove November 11, 2011
A large penis that is much larger than average, but still smaller than a gigacock and a teracock.
he: what say you polish my megacock, sweetie?
she: totally!
by killerdove November 23, 2011

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