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1. A City Located in Maryland, near DC and Bethesda. Rather big, and not that interesting. Whenever you say 'HEy, I live in Chevy Chase!" Ignoramus people always guffaw and say, "Was it named after Chevy Chase(The Actor)?" In fact, he named himself after Chevy Chase.. Well, a place that I know little about since I usually go to Bethesda and DC.
2.An Actor. Originally name Cornelius Crane Chase. He was in SNL, Caddyshack, and Fletch.
3.An Affluent neighboorhood located in Washington DC
1.Whoa, you live in Chevy Chase? Is it kind of like Bethesda? Dont' poor and rich kids live there?
2.I thought Chevy Chase was a rather funny comedian in SNL, to bad that show went way down when the good guys left.
3.Rich Neighboor hood, how suprising.
by Killercamel June 28, 2005
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