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A kid with a good heart. He expresses his opinions, but only through his close friends that he can trust. Whenever you hang out with him, make sure you are ready for a great time. You don't hang out with him often so when you do make the best of it. He makes some people feel weird, and slightly uncomfortable, but that's him. He has some of the best music taste of all kinds, and is a great listener. he will always listen to anyones problems without judgement, and always give the honest truth back. He searches for love but hasn't found it yet, and gets caught in songs that bring him back to great memories. He is someone you can count on. A great best friend that will be there in the end.
"yeah so I heard Samantha got fucked by Tyeson." "Wait, what is going on right now?" "SHUT UP JADY!"
by Killercalf7809 January 16, 2013

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