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When A Girls Chest Is So Flat You Can Iron On It
Me(Legend)"Shit, I've Went On Holiday Without My Ironing Board!"
Nicky Westside"Ah Thats Ok Lois Is Over There You Can Use Hers"
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010
Very small boobs, less than a b cup is considered smits
Me(Legend)"Omg Lois when will your smits develope"
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010
A very tight vagina, like a tentbag you can never get what you want in it.
Me(legend)"Lois I Can Get My Fist In Your Tentbag"
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010
A Hand Job
Kyle: Peter was in the tipi with Emma again
Nicky Westside: Did he get another Handy James
Kyle: Got 2
by KillaKydawgMasterMix January 06, 2012
Neil is when you pretend to have an illness to stay off school and play xbox all day, the worst case of Neil is by Neil who took over a month off to play Cod: Black Ops. Anyone who has Neil should be stoned to death by HankBadger
Me(Legend)"whats wrong with Neil?"
HankBadger(Dick)" He's Got A Bad Case Of The Neil, Going To Have Stone Him."
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010

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