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Oh my..

Where does one begin?

Just another whack-job website where contributors discuss the minutae of whether the earth is either 6,001 or 6,002 years old.

Highlights include heated debates on whether Noah included baby or full-grown dinosaurs on his boat and which of the dinosaurs that man co-existed with back in the day were the best to serve up with grits for breakfast.

At least they're all in the one place on the net.

Check it out. You will assuredly weep with laughter.
I needed to know for my Creationism class what that couple of Noah-rescued T-Rexs ate while floating merrily around the world on the Ark during that unexpectedly heavy rain shower. Free Republic was a boon as it turns out that for the duration all carnivores became Vegans and ate only seaweed, rather than the easily available onboard prey.

Free Republic is a laughable collection of (largely and unsurprisingly American) nutters. Best leave them to it.
by Kijamo November 23, 2009

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