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1. Alias
2. Lantz given Black name
3. The epitome of cool
4. adj. for rad
5. Type of freak dance
4. That is SO Kieshla
5. She was doin the Kieshla at Prom
by Kieshla Shiniqwae August 10, 2008
newest addition to o the madtight soul sistahs wif Kieshlaand Bonquisha
1. You'll neva find anotha mutha who can daisy chain it up as good as LaShayla
2. Hula Hoopin, hair braidin, vampire book readin, pineapple lovin shaawwty.
3.One who often crashes into things
4. Word often used to describe a klutz.

My Gawd guurrl, you such a LaShayla runnin into da wall like that
by Kieshla Shiniqwae August 10, 2008
1. member of Shiniqwae Family
2. Sister of Kieshla
3. Queen of Awkward
4. Most KICKASS chica you will eva meet.
5. Term used to describe something beautiful
5. That bracelet was the most Bonquisha thang I eva laid eyes on
by Kieshla Shiniqwae August 10, 2008
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