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To 'JUNO' somthing is to take something someone loves and point out all the flaws until that person can no longer enjoy it.

Taken from the movie "Juno" that many people thought they genuinely liked until it was explained to them that they were wrong.
I loved GLEE but then everyone started to JUNO it, so now all i can hear is the auto tune.
by KidMash June 01, 2010
The phenomenon of people in a argument, each trying to dismiss the others opinion by claiming it is the opinion a hipster would have.
Ladies and gentlemen, Hipster Hot Potato.
'You're a hipster' 'No YOU'RE the hipster' 'You're such a hipster you call other people hipsters' 'Only a hipster would say that'.
by KidMash July 10, 2010
Teabaging the Large Hadron Collider.
It's like getting your ticklebag jostled while jerking off to naked pictures of god.
The occasional Swedish Fiddler is the only reason i agreed to work on this underground doomsday machine.
by kidmash September 28, 2010
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