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A combination of embarrassment and empathy. Feeling embarrassed one someone else's behalf.
I can't watch the American Idol audition rounds, I'll have a total embarathy attack.

This karaoke singer is so bad, I'm feeling some major embarathy right now.
by Kid Whatever June 09, 2005
A sub-genre of Japanese Pop/R&B music featuring stuttering 90's-influenced Timbaland-style beats and whiney, high-pitched underage girls singing about things they are too young to know about, possibly dressing Lolita-esque, and/or having provocative English song titles that may or may not have anything to do with the song content.
The entire first SweetS mini-album is totally jailbait.

Damn, Minimoni went totally jailbait on their 2nd CD.
by Kid Whatever May 31, 2005
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