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emos are gay's the fuck each other, bite their penis moan about being shot in the balls.

Let's say that dick-licker is a emo.
Dude: I was walking down the street and I saw some wierdo, he was wearing black and had hair covering one part of his eye.

Friend: Next!? Tell me!

Dude: Hold on to your dick, I got my foot and kicked his nuts soo hard I heard a *CRACK* and there was blood coming, I dragged him into my car boot, shut the lid and drove to some dark alleyway. Next I tied him up to some dumpsters, I took out my BAZOOKA and shove it up his gay ass shot. I survied cause I rule :D

Friend: *shouts*FUCK EMOS, GAY BOYS SUCK

Crowd: YEAH! *shoots walking emos*
by Kicked_a_emo_in_the_nuts November 19, 2010

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