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Poland is a great country. And for those people think it takes three of them screw in a light bulb, well... you're wrong. Poland has provided many intelligent people to the world.
Although i was born in America, i have 100% Polish blood, and I'm proud of it.

-And the girls really are hot-
by Kielbasa April 19, 2004
A name that only one person in the entire world has.
Pae Pae teh Gay Gay.
by Kielbasa April 26, 2004
Somebody who has a small Johnson.
Bish had plenty of room in her new one and a half car garage.
by Kielbasa September 18, 2003
JewTek - Jewish Troll Junior
Watch out! It's that ugly little JewTek Troll kid from Jewlandia!
by KiELBaSa March 21, 2003
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