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A word used to refer to those with lacking mental abilities; prone to dogma and lies, such as Father Christmas and Christianity.
A given person known as "Cobbo" will often use a made-up language that, on first glance, appears to be similar to English. However there are underlying, integral grammatical and conceptual divergence that often renders cobbo-speak text unfathomable to normal human beings.
"Ok, I think I just pulled a cobbo"
"He's like a more retarded cobbo"
"Is that a cobbo-ism?"
by Kholint July 13, 2006
A nebulous, obscure word that belongs to the dialect of cobbo-speak. One of the few words that has no real meaning; merely it adds an empty, dull emphasis to already existing concepts. Often used in conjuction with why for.
"ah ah and why for"
"ah ah that nasty you make cobbo =( now"
"ah ah bless"
by Kholint July 28, 2006
Cobbo-speak; roughly translates to "hey". Often used in conjuction with it's English counterpart.
"glem cobbo"
by Kholint July 28, 2006
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