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The highest possible level of human efficiency. Allows the person to focus all of their senses solely on their work to point of becoming impossible to distract and/or communicate with. Makes it possible to work for an incredible number of hours without the need of nourishment, sleep, or relieving oneself.

Never before observed in non-Asian races.
Mike: "I'm starting to worry about her. The physics final is tomorrow, and she hasn't gotten out of that chair in two days. I tried to bring her some food, but she just started studying harder."

Neal: "Dude, Asian mode."
by KeyserSoze6 August 07, 2010
A state of athletic performance that only a select group of players are capable of achieving. It involves putting the team on one’s back without any regard for the opponent or fellow teammates. However, even while spurning any sort of help from teammates, the athlete is able to single-handedly take over the game due to sheer physical dominance.

Term coined by Bill Simmons aka The Sports Guy
"Hey did you watch Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech last night? After about 5 minutes he was in full-blown Eff You Mode. He even flew out the guy who made the high school team ahead of him just to shove it in his face."

"Wow, I had no idea he still had that in him!"
by KeyserSoze6 April 11, 2011

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