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The one thing that stands between the masses and the ramblings of pre-pubescent, ghetto-homeboys. This title is easily obtained, but is a public service that the community should use more often, which would keep at least some idiocies off the internet.

Fortunately, most editors have common sense and abide by the rules, although one can be sure that not all do.
Urban Dictionary Editor is a really important job... They need to keep the junk out!
F0 sh0 n1gg4!
by Kevitto August 07, 2007
Internet gangster. Typically a user who is convinced gaining e-cred is enough of a justification to murder the english language with every word he posts (see analphabetism or illiteracy)

Many instances of these e-gangstas can be found all over the internet. On forums, in chatrooms and in online games. Recently, they can be found posting useless definitions of one-timer words or plain old sentences re-written in slang to the detriment of the Urban Dictionary website's overall worth, especially when these words repeatedly appear on front pages and as Word of the Day.

(Also see leetspeak)
*A and B reading forum posts together*
Post: "im bout to put this thizz in my life....spark this bleezy and take it from there yadadamean?"
A: "Wow, check out this e-gangsta"

by Kevitto August 07, 2007
Also known as str33t 1337. In the early days, leet speak was a form of expression to prevent others from understanding certain texts written by crackers. Over the years, it has become a "hip" way of speaking, and more recently has been adopted by the e-gangsta community as the ultimate form of language bastardization known to mankind. Street leet is the translation of regular street language into leet speak, giving the user a sense that he is not only "gangsta" but also appeals to the nerd-dom of the internet.

Unfortunately, this is the single hardest language to understand, as street language often uses made-up words or even unrelated words to refer to a specific action or object and leet speak turns this already semi-fictional speech into a combination of letters, numbers and available keyboard symbols to make up the already barely discernable meaning of the text or sentence in question.
"Y() th335 B33Ch b3 al1 up 1n /\/\4h GrI11z, 51pP1N 0N 173 DR-1nK, G!" is an example of Street Leet.
by Kevitto August 07, 2007
Kewl Kids Klub. Satire mostly used in reference to the Ku Klux Klan.
Hey guys! Join the K.K.K.!
by Kevitto May 07, 2007

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