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A merging of the words Guild and Building.
In this RPG game that I play it is the guild building but we all refer to it as the Guilding instead. It is less cumbersome to refer to the Guild Building as a Guilding when we refer to when we send messages to one another.
by Kevisaurus January 01, 2009
Someone who is a member of the Q/A website called wis.dm.
Does it annoy you when people ask a question specifically naming another wis.dmer?

This was a question asked by Tony in the wis.dm Town Hall. Town Hall is one of the Scenes for this website about a year ago.
by Kevisaurus December 24, 2008
Someone that is an aficionado in the finer points of chocolate.
My friend JellyB is quite the Chocolateer although her SO sees no difference between Lindt truffles and Cadbury.
by Kevisaurus December 04, 2008

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