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recommending someone to shut up before an object of round quality is shoved in the mouth
shut teh face, only allowed open when eating teh toasty oats
by kevinP January 08, 2004
1. A cow is a weird fucking animal that we eat and has fucked up spots.
2. Someone so fat they can't move.
1. Let's eat a cow for dinner tonight!
2. You are such a fucking cow!
by KevinP March 06, 2012
The funniest fucking word ever.
Guy 1: Dogs
Guy 2: Starts Laughing Hysterically
by KevinP March 06, 2012
Sad And Giddy At The Same Time.
She/He Was Sadiddy At Her Mean Uncles Funeral.
by kevinp November 24, 2003
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