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An erect penis (aka. boner), aroused through enjoyment of drone music.
"Listening to Sunn O))) left Mike with an irrepressible droner."
by Kevin Sorbo July 20, 2009
An amalgam of "cunt" (term of endearment, Australian slang) and "gangbusters" (wildly successful).

A compliment, used in those rare situations where the word "gangbusters" alone can't encapsulate the level of out-of-control success one has witnessed.
1) Brett's bucks night is going absolutely cuntbusters.
2) Post-election analysis of inner-city Sydney and Melbourne reveal that the Greens' 2011 primary vote went cuntbusters.
3) 'Fever For The Flava' by Hot Action Cop went absolutely cuntbusters in the pop charts.
by Kevin Sorbo October 29, 2010

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