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High grade marijuana. Smoked in Tampa, FL, also called, Drobola, Drocula, Dronasaur.
I just re-uped on a quap of that droskie.
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
Blunt, or weed rolled in a cigar.
"Put a skud to my lip while you catch my spit, chip ya hip, bones rip when i flip this ish, u can LDB all damn day"
- Mac Dow / myspace.com/junglemob
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
Crack Cocaine, cocain cooked down after being mixed with baking soda and a small amount of water. Term found in Tampa, possibly New York.
I sold them 2 20s of that beige.
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
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