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A slice of meat from a chicken. The slice from a free-range is what I recommend.
Butcher: So what will you have today?
Customer: I prefer the chicken breast you have there on the left.
Butcher: I am sorry, but I do not recommend that, how abut the thighs?
Customer: No, bitch! I asked for the goddamn breast, now give them to me. Mofo.
Butcher: (Goes to wrap chicken breast and weigh for price then hands to enraged customer)
Customer: Thank you.
by Kevin Forester June 20, 2004
A very great Dj that influences the underground with his creative scratching.
damn, that Dj makes my day.
Enough has been said. Listen to DJ Q*Bert and buy Wavetwisters.
by Kevin Forester June 20, 2004

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