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438 definitions by Kevin

Defines a well-rounded (litterally) individual, who is significantly crap at artwork.
When was the last time you gave greg a poke?

by Kevin December 05, 2003
A song that is not cool anymore because little kids know it.....
Kid:I'm Tipsy!
Me:That song's not cool anymore!!
by Kevin May 05, 2004
A stinky bitch
"you trifilin skunk"
by Kevin March 12, 2004
26 inch rims
Jesse rolled out his new Escalade with new Jesse James Signature Shaq Shoes
by Kevin December 04, 2003
A man who drinks heavily, then proceeds to, burp, fart, and break stuff.
Belushi in "Animal House"
by Kevin March 03, 2004
What Barb Desessa and Jean Strippoli and any other bitch teacher that teaches at St. Angelas has.
Holy Fuck, Susan has a donkey dick down to her damn ankles!
by kevin April 12, 2005
lazy, annoying, losers.
i dont want to work, i want to get high, but it's the governments fault i dont have a job.
by kevin February 16, 2004