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Name given to Irish Immigrants in 19th century Glasgow(mainly Catholic),because when they went to get their daily meal from the soup kitchens,Scotch Broth was usually the served meal.Being generally of low genetic stock and having bigger bottom lips than normal humans,the broth tended to dribble down their chins,hence the name Brothmouth.

Gauney gie the brothmouth a bloody hankie tae wipe his mooth with
by KevanBarry June 12, 2006
Common term used to describe sub human beings that populate certain areas of Glasgow and Ulster.Can be recognised by green and grey/brown stained hooped shirts.The creatures have not evolved socially or economically for 150 years as immigrants,where as other immigrants to Scotland have flourished and become an inportant part of the Countries social and economic vitality,like Asians,Italians and English immigrants.
One important feature to remember about these unfortunate creatures is their parasitical nature,they don't work and beg mostly as a past-time,waiting to collect their giros.Also to be noted is that they are very paranoid,extremely ugly and have dreadful personal hygeine.
In closing,despite having their own schools,paid for by the state,and having every opportunity to better them selves they still remain to this day the festering bigotted sore on Scottish society.
Haw get tae fuck away fae the wheel trims ya smelly fenian basturt.

by KevanBarry June 12, 2006
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