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Fat person. Expression often used by taxi drivers who had overweight punters approaching their cabs. Obviously the suspension springs were about to be put under more stress than normal.
Look at that those two women coming out of the shop. They are both a couple of spring testers!
by Kev in hants June 04, 2007
A door, hatch, or other form of opening from one room to another or to a loft or cellar.
This jigger is locked. Who's got the key?
by Kev in Hants August 29, 2006
Automatic Warning System. Device used in locomotives of the British Railways network in the early 1950s. Worked by permanent and electromagnets, it sounds a bell in the cab if the signal is green (or semaphore distant signal clear) and a horn if the signal is double yellow, single yellow, or red (or semaphore distant signal at caution).

When the horn sounds, the driver has about 3 seconds to press the cancelling button or the brakes will apply.

Newer versions of the system are now in operation (ATP and TPWS) but the principle is much the same and helps to prevent a SPAD. (Signal passed at danger).
This line had AWS equipment fitted 48 years ago and it is still in use today.
by Kev in Hants September 05, 2007
Word used to describe vomiting. Not only does it contain the first two letters of the words "bring" and "up" but also it sounds like the act of vomiting (brrrrup!)

Devivatives could include "feeling bruppish" for feeling sick or "brupper" for a person throwing up.
She's had too much to drink and I think she's gonna BRUP her guts pretty soon.
by Kev in hants June 04, 2007

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