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A college student's staple food. You had Maruchan ramen packets and a heating pad to cook it with. Unfortunately, you left the pad on while you were gone and it burned down your dormitory.
I'm sorry I burned down the dorm, killing 5 people inside! I just wanted ramen!
by Keussie November 27, 2005
A man who created the world's evilest corporation, Wal-Mart!
Sam Walton created a monster, one who loves to eat small businesses within a mile's reach!
by Keussie December 03, 2005
A new cell phone made by Apple released in October 2005. It is a mobile phone/iPod. It is a piece of crap too. It takes like ten hours to download 1 song and hass a capacity of only 480 MB (100 songs). A waste of Christmas money.
Woman in 2005: I just bought an Apple Rokr!
Same Woman in 2099: I just got a total of 2 songs on my Rokr!
by Keussie November 27, 2005
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