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A person who is keen to jump on the latest fad so to gain bragging rights among peers.
You know that faddie Sheila is going to buy the Apple touchscreen netbook before it hits the shelves.
by Ketch Rudder September 07, 2009
An initiate into a cult or any person who crosses over and becomes a True Believer.
Both the 9/11 Truthers and the Obamabots battled each other showing the world what truebees they are.
by Ketch Rudder September 07, 2009
Those people in the circle of a G+ (GOOGLE+) who suffer from false beliefs, who have accepted idiotic doctrines and subsequently who cannot put forth cogent argument.
I didn't want to clog your stream with an essay, especially since I seem to offend your crazed socialist, communist circle jerks,
by Ketch Rudder October 06, 2011

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