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In Casino Poker the (small usually) amount that the house takes from the pot.
The rake over at that place is $1 out of every $20 in the pot.
by Kermit the Bear June 28, 2005
The idea that a noogy is rubbing someone on the head is incorrect that is a dutch rub. Anyone who has ever watched Classic Saturday night live knows that a noogy is given by making a fist and extending the knuckle of the middle finger so it sticks out a bit then rapping someone on top of the head with it. This from the classic bits where Bill Murray and Gilda Radner played nerdy schoolkids.
Dude1: What's the matter?
Dude2: that ass Bobby just got a running jump and gave me a flying atomic noogy. I think I might have a concussion.
by Kermit the Bear September 05, 2005

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