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A Imp is a shortened version for the word simpelton which is a form of a dumb ass, re-re , or in other words a simple minded person.
Sally:I tried to sniff coke before, but the ice cubes kept getting stuck in my nose.
Tom:You Imp.
by Kerianne July 04, 2005
Phenominal. She's Currently living off the energy given to her by pathetic and jealous people who write shit about her at urbandictionary.com. COOL! Britney Spears Rocks. She's hot, entertaining, and has made multi-millions doing what she loves to do. Sorry to all you pathetic people who feel the need to diss britney, whom im sure you dont know, to maybe raise your own detrimentally-low self esteems. Go do a sit up...
Gosh, I'm so pathetic and depressed with my own boring life, Let's go on urbandictionary.com and write mean things about BRITNEY!!!!!! wooooo!!

B.Spears, you rock girl.
by Kerianne July 02, 2005

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