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A clever derivitave of "fucked". This variation allows a more public application of its origin, all-the-while maintaining the intended emphasis and can be used anywhere in place of "fucked".
1) "We got all fooked up."

2) "She really fooked up that time."
by Keoki March 14, 2005
To get in or be in the state of a high, confusion or danger. As in getting fucked from all angles or directions.
1) "We hooked up some good shit and got all kinds of fucked up."

2) "She was the shit, after the date my heart and mind were all kinds of fucked up."

3) "Then the cops pulled us over and with what we had on us, we were all kinds of fucked up."
by Keoki March 14, 2005
The Most Uber of All the smooth cats in town....
Sexy HIp Cat
by Keoki July 26, 2003

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