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A slang term for a short tee-ball bat that is utilized solely as a weapon. Taxi drivers have been known to carry a hate stick for defense against carjackers, unruly passengers, etc.
"Motherfucker got the hate stick straight to the dome!"
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by Kent Weirdo November 26, 2005
1. To orient a person who is new to your group/neighborhood/city/and such to the rules and modes of operation of the aforementioned.

2. To rough up someone that is in - or against - your group, as a punishment for going against the creed/rules/modus operandi of your particular group (re-orienting them, as it were).
1. "Terry, since you're new to Humboldt, allow me to show you the ropes."

2. "They ratted on David. That's not our style. So we're gonna show them the ropes."

#show #ropes #punish #beat #stomp
by Kent Weirdo November 26, 2005
Released in 1978, Dawn of the Dead is the sequel to the 1968 cult classic "Night of the Living Dead", and was written and directed once again by horror filmmaker George A. Romero, who has been hailed as the father of modern zombie cinema.

The story is set just a few weeks ahead of the events of the first film. The unknown force that is raising the recently deceased is still persisting. As more people are being killed and eaten by the walking corpses - only to become flesh-eating zombies themselves - the world has started to fall into a state of disarray. The end is on the horizon.

Four people - a traffic helicopter pilot, his girlfriend from the WGON news studio, and two national guardsman - take off from their responsibilities in the traffic helicopter and take refuge inside a shopping mall that is crowded with the living dead. Through a series of spine-chilling sweeps throughout the shopping mall, as they gather supplies and kill the zombies, the four manage to secure the mall as their own safe haven. A monument to decadent consumerism and a barricaded fortress all in one...

But as time passes, they begin to see that the mall has become their prison, rather than their salvation...

The make-up effects and its dated style are probably the most noticeable attributes of the film (which reportedly only cost $1.5 million dollars to produce).

Even so, with its apocalyptic vision, social commentary on consumerism, bits of dark humor, and its sickening scenes of abundant blood and gore (compliments of make-up effects wizard Tom Savini), Dawn of the Dead was well recieved by audiences of the late 70's (especially in Europe, thanks to distribution efforts by Italian filmmaker Dario Argento).

This cult classic has been hailed as the greatest zombie film ever made. Over the decades, it has been imitated, blatantly ripped-off, even remade (2004's Dawn of the Dead). But with the exception of the first film, nothing has ever come close to achieving the greatness that Dawn has earned.
Quotes for Dawn of the Dead (1978)
"...When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth." - Peter, with survivors in the mall

"Every dead body that is not exterminated, becomes one of them. It gets up and kills. The people it kills get up and kill!" - Dr. Foster, appearing on the T.V. news program in the beginning scene
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by Kent Weirdo November 27, 2005
(a.k.a. Night Patrol, Nochnoi Dozor)

A fantasy novel written by Russian sci-fi/fantasy writer Sergei Lukyanenko. It was released in 1998, and is the first part of a tetralogy, which is followed by Day Watch, Twilight Watch, and Last Watch.

The story revolves around an age-old battle between the absolute forces of Light and Darkness, divided into two opposing armies composed of Others; humans with supernatural powers who are aligned with either the Light or the Dark. Others have a vast universe of different types and powers, including shape-shifting, telekinesis, mental manipulation - and, on behalf of the Dark side - even vampirism.

Both sides have compromised on a treaty, agreeing that the actions of the Light and the works of the Dark cannot be done without the consent of each side, and that no one can be forced to choose which side to align with.

To uphold this agreement, each side formed their own official organization. The Dark Others would be called Day Watch, to police the actions of the Light, whereas the Light Others became Night Watch, to police the actions of the Dark.

The majority of the Night Watch novel focuses on Anton Gorodetsky, a Light Other who works for the Night Watch.

The novel will be available in the United States in June of 2006, translated into English.

The Night Watch novel was loosely adapted into two films (Night Watch (2004) and Day Watch(2006)). Both films held top box-office records in their native country of Russia, where they still continue to serve as a huge cultural influence.
Night Watch was post-Soviet Russia's first blockbuster motion picture, and was produced for a mere $4,000,000.
#night #day #watch #nochnoi #dozor #light #dark #others
by Kent Weirdo May 02, 2006
1. Little-known Humboldt County (CA) variant of the term "stoned". Phonetically pronounced "stawned", this term was birthed from mispronouncing the term "stoned" in a moment of pure marijuana inebriation.

2. At the very height of a marijuana high.
"These buds have me too stonned to move, man."

"I'm fuckin' stonned."
#stoned #marijuana #high #baked #weed #bud
by Kent Weirdo November 26, 2005
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