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Pronounced ( SAP-ed) like tree SAP mothah fuckah.
(Adj. or Verb) Pertaining to the act of aquiring or already having an attained state of heavy alcohol intoxication.
(Adj.)Kid was so sapp'd he was lighting the filter end of his grit last night, what a moark!

(Verb)Shit man fuck everything, I just wanna get so sapp'd I piss myself.
by KennyFuckinPowers May 02, 2009
Rusty Scupper is the act of taking a dump between a chicks legs while she is on the toilet. As the crap goes through her legs, it leaves a skid marc known as a rusty scupper
After Cory got a blumpkin from Dawn, he sat on her lap and gave her a Rusty Scupper.
by kennyfuckinpowers March 22, 2012

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